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Canadian Booksellers - Winter 2011
See our ad in the Canadian Booksellers Magazine!
Retail News - May/June 2011
Featuring our Paperthinks Journals!
Style At Home - May 2011
Featuring Wooster and Prince Paper
Style At Home - Jan 2011
Featuring Smuge Ink 2011 Wall Calendar
iQ | living - Holiday Suppliment
Featuring Hot selling Mr. Men Mugs and Waterbottles
The Globe & Mail - Life Section December 7 2010 Featuring EAMES office by W2
Style At Home (December 2010)
Featuring Cartolina's iPhone app!
In Style
Featuring Pantone Mugs from W2
House & Home Featuring Cartolina's iPhone app!
Alberta Home Featuring Pantone Mugs from W2
Retail News Featuring Quotable Napkins
National Stationery Show Featuring Wooster & Prince Paper
Featuring iPop Magnets Featuring Peaceable Kingdom Stickers
Featuring Roger LaBorde - Lasercut Cards
Toronto Life Featuring Wild & Wolf - V&A Shears
House & Home Christmas Issue Indigo Spring Promo   Featuring Wild & Wolf